Ground Requirements

Changing rooms: Essential: All clubs must have changing rooms by season 2012/2013
Lockable Essential: theft / security.
Sole occupancy Essential: team confidentiality.
Size Essential: to accommodate 16nr people.
Number of pegs Essential: minimum 16nr per team.
Lighting Essential: adequate lighting.
Heated Desirable.
Distance to pitch Must be within comfortable walking distance.
Shower area:
Number of showers Desirable: minimum of 4nr per team.
Hot water Must be sufficient for both teams.
Separate each team Desirable.
Ladies toilet Desirable.
Officials room:
Separate Desirable: officials confidentiality.
Lockable Essential: theft / security.
Size Desirable: to accommodate 3nr people.
Separate showers Desirable.
Separate toilets Desirable.
Pitch Size Ideal: 105 yds x 65 yds or equivalent
Minimum 60 yds width or 100 yds length
Cut and rolled Essential: regularly maintained.
Markings Essential: all lines clearly marked.
Posts and nets Essential: must be safely installed.
Ridges and ruts Essential: to avoid serious injuries.
Flat surface Desirable. No excessive slopes.
Grassed Must have reasonable cover through season.
Drained Must not retain excessive water.
Enclosed Fenced or roped: sides desirable.
Emergency services Essential: Access for emergency vehicles.
Respect charter Essential: League charter to be displayed.

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